Mainline gives credit when credit’s due

Leading Orange distributor Mainline Digital Communications has officially launched an exclusive Mainline Visa card for its Club dealers.

The prepaid Visa card is loaded up each time a dealer makes a connection. The Mainline card can be used anywhere in the world that accepts Visa.

The scheme has been a thriving success, since it’s ‘soft launch’ in the second half of 2007. Mainline has already loaded over £100,000 onto participating accounts.

Members of Mainline’s Club are amongst the most successful independent dealers in the country and can apply for two cards per dealership.

By logging on to Mainline’s website, the dealer can manage their own account and download statements. In addition to this, the dealers can find out their balance by calling a dedicated hotline.

Dealers have been really enthused about the Mainline Visa card and are quick to offer feedback “I think it’s a brilliant idea” said James Badham from Olicomm.

“It is a great incentive and offers flexibility. I’ve recently purchased a weekend break away, which I’m offering as a prize to my customers.”

“Mainline encourages dealers to spend on business enhancing purchases, such as staff incentives, office equipment and customer promotions,” says Mainline’s business channel marketing manager, Stephen Spillett.

“This is great for boosting staff morale and continually growing the dealer’s Orange business.”

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