Major brands are shifting significant marketing resources to marketing via mobile phones, according to an independent survey of 50 brand name companies commissioned by Airwide Solutions…

By 2008, 89% of brands will use text and multimedia messaging to reach their audience, with nearly one-third planning to spend in excess of 10% of marketing budgets on the medium. In five years over half of the brands polled expect to spend between 5% and 25% of total marketing budget on mobile marketing.

Recognising the prevalence of mobile text messaging, 40% of brands have already deployed text messaging campaigns, and 18% have deployed MMS campaigns.

Despite some enthusiasm to adopt mobile marketing,growth is still inhibited by the lack of supporting information to manage and optimise marketing programs.

More than half (55%) of responding brands are unsure how to reach specific target audiences via mobile campaigns, 58% are unsure about how to implement and measure an SMS campaign, and 61% unsure how to implement and measure a MMS campaign.

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