Makeover for Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo! is promising a “new era in mobile internet services” with the launch of Yahoo! Go for mobile 2.0.

The hyperbole doesn’t stop there, of course – “Yahoo! Go 2.0 is an innovative new application that redefines the mobile Internet experience for consumers through a unique product design, ability to personalize with content from the entire Internet and a reinvention of mobile search … Yahoo! Key features of the service include oneSearch, “search reinvented for mobile consumers” – this claims to recognize what the user means by a search and presents relevant content grouped by subject.

There’s also customisable news sources, Flickr photo sharing and Yahoo! Mail on the home page.

Yahoo! Go 2.0 will be pre-loaded on select new mobile devices from Motorola. Consumers can also download Yahoo! Go 2.0 on more than 70 other mobile devices from top manufacturers, and it will be distributed through mobile operators worldwide (including 3)

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