AOL’s MapQuest operation, one of the the leading mapping destinations on the web, is bidding for a similar position in the mobile phone business.
MapQuest Navigator is a turn-by-turn voice-guided routing application for mobile phones; the company says it represents “leading-edge technology in online navigation” and “gives consumers a powerful new level of convenience that’s available when they need it most”.
It is based on next-generation technology from Telmap, one of the leading providers of mobile mapping solutions. The system includes a database of millions of restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other points of interest which consumers can navigate to, direct-dial to make reservations or send any location to a friend via text message.
MapQuest also announced a free mobile web service at This specifically designed and formatted for mobile phones and provides a convenient way for anyone with a web-enabled phone to access interactive maps, get driving directions and find places. The service is based on technology from InfoGin Ltd., a leading pioneer of Web to mobile content adaptation solutions.
MapQuest Navigator includes:
• clear, easy-to-follow directions to a location either from a selected starting point or from the consumer’s current location, using GPS technology
• audible turn-by-turn directions
• ability to use the satnav at the same time as the phone
• optimised routing calculation to find the most suitable route
• pedestrian navigation mode that ignores vehicle turning and one-way driving restrictions
• print-quality colour maps with zoom, pan and point-on-map functionality.
MapQuest Navigator service will be available through major US networks later this year, but there are also plans to trial it in Europe.
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