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Posting jobs to the Mobile Business Magazine Jobs Board is FREE.

Whether a recruitment agency or direct employer, the Mobile Business Magazine FREE Jobs Board is the place to post your Dealer, Retailer, Distributor, Manufacturer or Network jobs – be they Sales, Technical, Management, Research & Development or Executive Positions.

Mobile Business Magazine’s FREE Jobs Board gives you the opportunity to slash your recruitment budget by putting your recruitment advertisement in front of the entire mobile telecommunications industry for free.

www.mbmagazine.co.uk serves the most industry related pages – more than its competitors combined – and sends an industry wide news ezine promoting the career opportunities on our Jobs Board every week

To start posting your vacancies to the Mobile Business Magazine Jobs Board you need to be a registered member of the website – click here

Once registered to Mobile Business Magazine you can start posting job vacancies straightaway. Input all the job details, Description, Location, Salary, Company, and your contact details, then sit back and let the best people in the industry come to you.

Should you have any queries you can send an email to us at jobs@mbmagazine.co.uk
or call us – 020 8683 6420

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Recruitment is FREE with MB!


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