mBlox signs for PayForIt

mBlox, which describes itself as the world’s largest mobile transaction network, has announced its successful accreditation to the new UK PayForIt scheme.

PayForIt is widely touted as the basis for future billing of the mobile internet. The scheme, run by all the UK mobile operators, will enable consumers to buy content with their mobile phones just by clicking on a “Pay” button on a WAP page.

It should mean an easier buying process with better consumer protection than existing premium SMS methods. Because of that, PayForIt is expected to grow the mobile content market considerably.

mBlox is one of a small handful of companies who have now successfully achieved accreditation by Orange and other mobile operators. This means that mBlox has demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, security and reliability in its operations, earning it the right to process some of the first mobile internet transactions in the UK when the scheme goes fully live in Autumn 2006.

On the downside, mBlox has recently suffered a couple more negative judgements from the premium-rate regulator ICSTIS. mBlox was fined a total of £14,000 for providing payment services on behalf of clients. mBlox says it will be pursuing its clients for reimbursement, but in one case the company in question has gone missing.

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