Meeting Apps

Meetings are a necessary part of business sometimes but they are not always the most productive part of your day if you are using the wrong tools to communicate and take notes. Here we take a look at some of those apps out there which will keep your meetings productive time and time again.

Tempo Smart Calendar

Running late for a meeting is unfortunate but sometimes it’s just out of your control. This handy app is your go to remedy whether you are stuck in traffic or your last meeting overran. It allows you to send out default messages to a number of people at once to let all of your meeting attendees know you are running late. The best bit is the app is designed to allow you to do this in just a few taps. The only hitch is if you don’t use the app to organise the meeting in the first place then you have to let it know which of your contacts are attending.


Attending face to face meetings is slowly becoming a thing of the past, now it’s all about virtual meetings. This app allows you to use your camera on your iPhone to drop into a real life meeting from anywhere which allows other participants to communicate with you over the web in real time. Up to 26 individual users can join each video-chat and attendees can share on screen presentations, documents and reports.


Meetupcall, which has just recently relaunched, aims to become the “simplest and quickest way” to host and join a conference call. Its headline feature is the ability to arrange a conference in seconds, simply by adding an appointment to your calendar app, after which Meetupcall takes care of the rest. The service sends all delegates an email with tailored instructions on how to join the call, including a dial-in number based on their presumed location. They are also given the choice of being called a few seconds before the scheduled start time, further removing the pain of trying to remember dial-in numbers, PINs and the like.

Meeting Pad

Meeting Pad helps you keep track of all meeting attendees and track individual action points. If you are one of those people that is unlucky enough to instantly forget people’s names as soon as you hear them then this may be for you. This lets you enter the names of meeting attendees so you can keep track of who said what and you can add notes about individual’s contributions. The app also allows you to create an agenda, record audio and then automatically creates minutes for you which can be emailed to all participants.

Cisco WebEx

You can’t talk about meeting apps without mentioning WebEx. This series of apps has swiftly become one of the usinveral standards in meeting tools over the web and more recently over mobile. Meet anywhere, with anyone, and get more done. Join, start or schedule Cisco WebEx Meetings from your device. The app is now on all the major platforms and allows users to conduct or attend meetings, conduct training sessions or even share your screen for collaborative projects.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Zoom aims to unify mobile collaboration, cloud video conferencing and web meetings into one functional app. This handy little app allow users to start or join a cloud meeting with a super simple interface. It incorporates face to face conversation, screen sharing across any device from any location where you have connectivity.

Talking Points

If you have a presentation coming up to a large group of people this app could be for you. The app keeps all the talking points from your presentation organised and within easy reach at all times. You can now leave that crumpled piece of paper with all you notes on at home and look like you belong in the 21st century!

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine