MNOs, Brands and Media Owners Wake up to Smart Posters

Glue4 have launched  a full personalised Smart Poster service, including handsets, deployment, operation and the analysis of user data, harnessing the untapped potential of mobile and outdoor marketing.
Fully interactive NFC smart posters include a range of advertising media tagged with the next generation of wireless technology. The chip passes information and services to viewers on demand, in this case through their NFC-enabled mobile phone. This could be mobile top-up, handset configuration or fault fixing. In addition, the information could be a link to any partner brand’s product details accessed through the mobile internet or a money-off voucher. Brands could also use the interaction to encourage viewers to vote, buy tickets, pass on information virally etc.  

Glue4 MD Dr Neil Garner explains: “MNOs have yet to explore the full range of contactless opportunities. Glue4Touch brings together a range of marketing and connectivity technologies to help the operator community instigate simple, flexible and cost-effective trials of any NFC smart poster proposition. At the backend, this part handset application / part Glue4 ASP hosted solution has the potential to offer MNOs significant operational cost savings as well as new growth opportunities from the existing customer base and new customer acquisition through brand partnerships.”

As the infrastructure for contactless payments is rolled out around the UK, more and more brands are looking to explore the marketing potential of NFC. Neil Garner says: “Only now is there the interest from across the industry to achieve the critical mass to create and grow this market. Contactless is rapidly becoming a well understood and trusted technology thanks to everyday uses such as Oyster and the new payments trials with MasterCard and Visa among others. It’s a simple technology that our user trials prove is popular with both early and late adopters.

“The Glue4Touch service complements existing mobile marketing mechanisms, while offering powerful additional benefits. For example, while security and privacy issues have limited Bluetooth’s market success, customers choose to interact with NFC smart posters by tapping the poster to trigger the chip and securely receive the information. This puts the power back in the hands of the customer who can then easily pass information to other people using the same simple and secure touch mechanism.”

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