Nokia Sales E10.1bn, up 20%. Net earnings down 4% to E845m – “restructuring costs”. 88.5m devices shipped, 33% more than a year ago…
Average handset fell to E93 compared to E102 last year.

Motorola Sales $10.6bn, up 17%. Earnings fell 45% year-on-year to $968m – “sales weaker than expected”. 53.7m units shipped, 39% higher.

Samsung Mobile phone business saw year-on-year increase of just 2% for sales (KRW 4.5 trillion. 30.7m units sold (“robust sales of the ‘Ultra Edition’ in Europe”). Profits aren’t split out but margins quoted as 11%.

Sony Ericsson Sales up 41% at E2.3m. Pretax profit more than doubled to E433m. 19.8m shipments, average selling price increases sequentially to E147.

LG Handsets revenue rose 5.3% to KRW 2.126 trillion ($2.2bn), operating profit of KRW 79bn against a year ago loss. 16.5m units shipped, 7% up on a year ago.

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