Mobile Data Services disappoint UK Customers

A NOP survey conducted by Olista, shows almost half of the UK based mobile data consumers who used a service for the first time during the World Cup in Germany, 2006, would not use it again.

According to the survey of 1000 adults, during the final weekend of the tournament, a positive 29% of world cup mobile data users used a service for the first time, but worryingly for operators 44% said they would not use the service again.

49% of UK mobile data users were content with the cost of the mobile data service they used.

19% said if mobile data services were easier to set up and use they would have been more likely to use them.
The survey also asked; “if the quality of service and ease of access was not a problem, which mobile data services would potential users have considered using?”
The most appealing services discovered were:

  • 22% – Text alerts
  • 16% – Video clips
  • 16% – Picture messages

Disappointingly for mobile operators and content providers, only a mere 11% were interested in Mobile TV.

 “The survey illustrates that operators are succeeding in getting consumers interested in mobile data services with an encouraging amount of first time users attempting to use the services during the 2006 tournament. The disappointing part of this survey is that after interest has been achieved the customer is often left disappointed and does not become a repeat customer,” says Oren Glanz, Olista.

“Operators need to anticipate, detect and resolve potential user problems to ensure users enjoy a flawless first time experience every time or they can forget about repeat customers”.

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