Mobile Gambling

Prospects for the mobile gambling market remain strong, despite the strengthening of legal barriers in the USA, says Juniper Research. The researchers predict that the gross value of bets on all forms of mobile gambling (casinos, lotteries and sports betting) will grow from $1.35bn in 2006 to $16.6bn by 2011.
Europe is currently seen to be the largest market for mobile gambling, with an estimated $665m in bets placed in 2006. However, it is forecast to be overtaken by the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific market by 2008.

Sports betting is currently estimated to be the largest sector in mobile gambling, opening up a valuable additional channel to existing gamblers as well as creating opportunities in new markets.

Lotteries currently represents the second largest sector, but is forecast to take the top spot by 2010 as lotteries and related games, such as bingo, exploit the mass market mobile channel.

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