Mobile messaging still rules data usage

Messaging will still be the predominant data usage on mobile phones in 2011, despite a “significant” growth in mobile content and services usage over the next five years.

So says a JupiterResearch report which predicts that 72% of premium mobile services revenues will derive from messaging in 2011.

The total European mobile content, services and messaging market will grow from e21.9bn in 2006 to e27.7bn in 2011. Content and services will grow strongly – from e2.2bn at the end 2006 to e7.9bn five years later – but messaging will remain the dominant source of non-voice revenue.

Growth in MMS, email and Instant Messaging will more than offset the decline in SMS revenues, while infotainment (video/TV, games, music, etc) will outperform maturing personalisation revenues by a factor of nearly three-to-one.

“Mobile operators and new entrants in the mobile space must leverage the peer-to-peer nature of a personal communications platform to create a new form of content creation and consumption” says the report.

“Entertainment will strongly differ on the ‘third screen’ and remains to be invented, bearing in mind that consumers’ demand is still skewed toward younger demographics”.

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