Mobile networks fail customer service test

A survey of the customer service delivered by mobile networks suggests a whopping 39% of users are unhappy with the level of customer service they receive.

According to the independent online comparison service, which surveyed over 3,000 mobile users last autumn, some 58% have had cause to contact their mobile phone customer service centre. And of them, two in five were dissatisfied with the result.

The headline results:

  • One in four customer service staff (27%) failed to answer basic tariff questions.
  • Vodafone and Orange have the least knowledgeable customer service staff.
  • Three and Orange have the worst customer service staff overall.
  • Virgin have the happiest customers (39% totally satisfied) while Three (9% totally satisfied) and T-Mobile (13% totally satisfied) falter.
  • Almost all of 3’s customers have had to call customer services for one reason or another. At the other end of the scale, only 58% of Virgin customers had needed to make a call. (That probably reflects the difference in service and handset – Virgin’s reputation is for low-cost, simple, prepaid offerings: 3 is of course a 3G-only network with a correspondingly greater level of complexity all round.)

Anthony Ball, director at, noted: “Mobile companies, even the ones that have come out top in our report, have neglected the basics and dismissed the importance of good customer services … We will continue to strive for better service for the customer and plans for the mobile industry to use this customer service rating as a benchmark will help to achieve this.”

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