Mark Salvin

Mark Salvin

We know fixed line dealers and operators are attempting to infiltrate the mobile space, and it’s time for mobile guys to start doing the same in the fixed space. With the credit crunch hitting businesses across the country, the need to cut costs is vital to financial health. One of the ways the mobile industry can help customers achieve the cost savings they require while also maintaining ownership of the client is though combining mobile and fixed line worlds.

Fused Webcalls, part of the Manchesterbased Fused Group, has launched Mobile Premium. Mobile Premium is all about a discrete VoIP client that runs on a mobile phone, so enabling calls over an IP network without impacting on the mobile operator’s network. This puts fixed and mobile call paths on a single device, making the mobile phone the device of choice, particularly if a company is making a decision on cutting hardware costs.

Least cost routing

This application seamlessly ensures the quality, stability and call value of a landline phone with the flexibility and convenience of a mobile phone, without any applications to launch or manage. The software intelligently and invisibly

monitors signals on a least cost routing basis, choosing the best connection from WiFi, GSM, GPRS or SIP.

This all happens without any interaction from the user, resulting in a consistent and reliable call experience. Users can then benefit from SIP-priced calls and side step mobile operators call tariffs, and not just whilst roaming. While this isn’t ideal for mobile phone operators or those that might rely on mobile minutes, it does help mobile dealers with wider aspirations become the main partner for communications in the business sector, leading to bigger and better things.

In a challenging corporate environment where robust cost savings are rapidly becoming the sole driver for investing in new technologies, this is an ideal solution. Fused Webcalls Mobile Premium radically changes the economics of mobile communications, according to its developers, and I can see what they mean.


How to make money

Resellers can use this app to easily and quickly add a reliable unified communications solution to their product portfolio, aggressively compete with mobile operators, increase IP telephony revenues (for resellers with their own SIP server), and it makes an excellent value-add for mobile distributors, increasing the sale of smartphones, especially dual mobile/WLAN handsets. It also provides the competitive advantage of enabling the dealer to offer the latest technologies to customers with tangible and immediate business benefits.

For end users, theirs is the consistent user experience whilst roaming, single subscription through a single device, a deal for business travellers (both national and international) and remote workers, cost savings to be made by routing internal calls over data network instead of PSTN ,especially for multi-site and multi-country operations. It also enables flexible and remote working without additional cost implications or infrastructure change and leverages existing IP infrastructure and contributes to a higher ROI for existing investment.

Fused Group’s COO, Mark Salvin, commented on the app: “Fixed and mobile communications has moved from the probable to the possible, and now, with Fused Webcalls Mobile Premium, to the actual. With it, the channel community has an exceptionally powerful technology to approach the market, and one that perfectly addresses the current need for cost savings, flexible working and quick user adoption.”

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