Mobile Printing

As people are increasingly using their smartphones for work purposes a requirement to print straight from devices has risen significantly. It prevents a lot of time being wasted with people emailing themselves documents from their phone or juggling smart sticks in order to print. Here, we take a look at the apps out their which help businesses get around this challenge by enabling printing straight from devices.

Epson iPrint
As you can imagine, Epson iPrint is only functional with Epson printers but as many offices will have Epson printers installed this may not be the issue it first seems. Using WiFi, this mobile app can print, scan and share selected documents with a swipe of a finger. The Epson iPrint features compatibility for a variety of Microsoft Office products including, Word, Excel and PDF documents, as well as, webpages. This app also supports online file hosting sites such as Dropbox, Box, Evernote and Google Docs. Available on Android.

HP Printer Control
Another behemoth in the printing world HP Printer Control allows users to scan paper documents and retrieve cloud based documents for printer-ready status. Scan using your device’s on-board camera and manage your printer settings via the app itself. The app even allows you to share scanned content with mobile upload options for iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, even Facebook. This app enables you to print, Store and share your content no matter the format all from your mobile device. Available on iOS.

Lexmark Mobile Printing
This allows you to send documents and images to any Lexmark printer connected to your work or home network. The app locates the printers available through a network search, QR code discovery, or by manually entering the printer IP address. You can even set parameters such as number of copies, duplex, double sided etc. Available on iOS

Although this app is free you will need to subscribe to the service, although there is a 30 day free trial period if you want to give it a whirl beforehand. It enables users to retrieve printable content from a variety of different web hosting sites and social networks. It also lets you share your content on the web and via any one of the supported printer types and models. It is compatible with the Office suite and allows users to preview content before printing without the need for additional software. You can even print selected text, using the Paste Board option, for quick on-the-go printing while your browse content. Available on iOS

Brother iPrint & Scan
This app enables users to easily print and scan photo/document/webpage/email. Brother iPrint & Scan is a free application and is compatible with several Brother printers. It is compatible with the usual array of file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Text. It even lets you scan directly to your Android device. Available on Android.

PrinterShare Mobile Print
The free version of PrinterShare only offers limited printing options but with a premium account you can get unlimited printing of virtually any document to a compatible wireless printer. You can print Gmail emails, documents, contact lists, photos and sms/mms files wirelessly from your mobile device. Access documents via SD card, device memory, and Google Docs to print to any nearby printer. Printer access can be achieved via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connection. Available on Android.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine