Mobile Service and Command Centre from Dexterra

Mobile Service and Command Centre from Dexterra

Command Centre

Dexterra’s Mobile Command Center

There are a plethora of applications out there to help companies manage their mobile workforce more effectively. Many are designed to be added to an existing mobile infrastructure. However, if you’re considering a total overhaul of a system, or haven’t yet implemented a mobile solution, it’s worth considering a comprehensive solution that is designed to function on its own specialised platform.

This obviously enables a company to truly get to grips with a new system and use it to its full potential, exactly as the vendor developed it. It also means the option is there for you to develop your own mobile applications that best fit the way in which your workforce already operates, rather than having to retrain a field team on a whole new set of processes and procedures.

Streamlined movement

Dexterra provides a range of mobile applications designed to streamline operations for the workforce on the move. All of the applications run on Dexterra’s Concert mobile platform, which has an array of reusable application components that can be used for your own mobile applications. I’ve decided to take a look at Dexterra’s Mobile Service and Command Centre applications.

A great advantage of the Dexterra package is that it runs on a huge array of mobile devices and integrates with the major service solutions. The software automates operations through integrated enterprise data and standardised business rules, and delivers prioritised job information through real time notifications. This gives mobile teams not only access to critical business information, but also gives managers the ability to plan out, and modify a worker’s daily duties from the office.

An excellent function of the software is its use of digital signatures and image capture, which means that work can be confirmed and verified by a customer at the site. This can also be fed back to the office in real time, so managers can also keep a record of job completion times.

Dexterra’s Mobile Command Center (MCC) is the industry’s first enterprise dispatch software application. Essentially the application enables schedulers, dispatchers and field service managers to handle complex situations through one interface.

Because the software is designed to operate at different levels of intelligent automation (including automatic, semiautomatic and manual), it enables users to choose whether to let the system automatically provide recommendations, whether to manually make their own intelligent decisions, or whether to use a combination of the two.


Easy to use

The interface is very easy to use, and uses standard business rules to help streamline the workflow processes. The screen has plenty of information on it, including mapping visuals, so it’s very easy to pinpoint exactly where all your workforce are at any given time. Alongside the maps all of the current assignments for each employee are listed out – a really useful listing, which is easily searchable.

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