Mobile – the advertising promised land

According to research companies, national and international press, mobile advertising and marketing is ‘the next big thing’ hailing the mobile phone as the gateway to the next advertising promised land.
Advertising on mobile devices has up until now been a relatively tiny proportion of the marketing mix for major corporations; during 2006 mobile advertising accounted for a mere £435m of spend compared with the £12bn spent on internet advertising and £225bn spent on all advertising; marketing gurus have been flummoxed as to how to unleash the power of mobile marketing, until now.

For those that are in the know, mobile advertising and marketing is set to outstrip not only online but also traditional media including billboards, print, radio and television.

As in the early days of email marketing where only simple plain text messages could be delivered, mobile marketing has been held back by similar content delivery constraints.

As a result marketeers have attempted to engage their desired demographic by displaying advertisements to mobile users surfing the mobile web via their devices, all operating on different OS platforms; this has a multitude of flaws, not least that marketeers must wait for their demographic to find them rather than push their message direct to the target audience in anything other than a rather unattractive plain text SMS.

Other than waiting for the desired prospect to find the marketers advertising the other ‘deal breaker’ is that the prospect is paying to view the advertisement and is mindful of his data costs whilst visiting any advertising led content link, minimising the responsiveness of the prospect themselves.

With respected research companies suggesting that the currently flawed mobile advertising market will be worth £10bn within three years you would have thought a better way of utilising the medium, which is never further than 2m from the prospect, would have emerged.

It has.

Doing away with the flawed pay-for-data-usage and then pay-per-click model, the email marketing company, has created a push mobile marketing solution similar to the high ROI marketeers favourite HTML email which their current client base enjoy.

Branded Wizemobile, this mobile advertising medium pushes 30 second animated multimedia messages including music and voice to the marketeers clients and prospects base in an engaging and unique manner. Having the ability to go ‘viral’ and with reverse billing available makes for a unique marketing medium.

With an audience numbering in the billions, mobile phone marketing can potentially reach a larger global audience than the billion or so personal computers, with the mobile user base growth outstripping PC’s and a marketeers message being delivered straight to the prospects trouser pocket, which definitely is not the case with either television or computer accessed advertising – marketing pundits expect Wizemobile to become the brand enabler of choice.

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