Mobile works for most teens

The majority of the UK’s 18-34s range now engage with brands primarily through their mobiles. 57% have used a short code to communicate with a company, and 60% have accessed mobile content in the past three months.

The findings come from the latest Enpocket, Mobile Media Monitor UK product by mobile marketing firm Enpocket with market researchers Harris Interactive.

The Mobile Media Monitor also indicates some trends on the most popular types of mobile products.

Consumers were asked what content applications they would be interested in using if price was not a barrier. Top of the list was sharing pictures with family and friends at 52% (up from 46% in 2004). However, demand for music at 34% (up from 23%) and movie services 22% (up from 12%) have grown significantly, indicating the growing appreciation consumers have for phones delivering richer content.

Again 18-34s have the greatest appetite for these content services, with 67% interested in sharing pictures with family and friends, 58% in downloading songs, 53% in video calling, and 39% apiece in watching movie trailers or clips of sport highlights.

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