Mobiles Cancer Free

A major study by the Danish Cancer Study has been following nearly half a million people discovered no link between mobile phones and cancer, and using a phone could be beneficial.

The study included over 420,000 Danes who had first signed up to a mobile service between 1982 and 1995, and although 14,249 cancers were discovered they were not associated with the use of a mobile phone. The statistics for brain tumours, acoustic neuromas, and leukemias actually turned out to be lower than the national average.

The study went on to show that mobile telephone users who started subscriptions in the mid-1980s appeared to have a higher income and to smoke less than the general population. Although don’t expect adverts proclaiming "Using a mobile makes you rich" or "Give up smoking with a mobile phone" to appear anytime soon.

The study concluded "We found no evidence for an association between tumor risk and cellular telephone use among either short-term or long-term users. Moreover, the narrow confidence intervals provide evidence that any large association of risk of cancer and cellular telephone use can be excluded."

So that should be that, until the next random study which shows Mobiles to not only cause cancer but also bad breath and dandruff.

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