Mobile’s Killer App: Address Books

A study among frequent mobile phone users found that most are willing to sacrifice cost and quality of service in favour of convenience, with most using their mobiles at home and work because of their contacts.
The study found that phone users are keen to embrace converged services, which can include applications such as a single phone book and contact list for all devices. Aricent’s survey findings also indicate that despite the continuing emergence of new applications, the address book remains the primary ‘killer application’ on a mobile phone.

The study, which polled 110 attendees at the 2007 NXTcomm conference in Chicago this past June, found that nearly half (51%) of respondents choose to utilize their mobile phone (rather than a fixed line) at home solely due to the convenience of the mobile phone’s address book. Almost two-thirds (60%) of the same respondents indicated that they choose to utilize their mobile phone instead of a landline at work for the same address book convenience.  


When queried about their preference for one or multiple phone numbers, an overwhelming majority of respondents (79%) indicated a desire for a shared fixed and mobile phone number for work use.  Approximately half expressed interest in a shared office and personal mobile number (55%) and/or a shared office and home number (48%)  Forty-nine percent of respondents preferred a shared number for nearly all of their communications devices, including office, home, work and personal mobile.

Respondents also indicated that more than half (52%) of their total mobile voice calls are made in the office or at home, and additionally replied that nearly three quarters of their total mobile connections were voice connections only.

"Regardless of their personal usage patterns and habits, consumers continue to grow increasingly savvy and are likely to be very receptive of next-generation technologies such as femtocells, voice call continuity, and multimedia services (IMS)," said Jashojit "Jojo" Roy, Marketing Vice President, Aricent.  "The results of this survey strongly support Aricent’s position in the market and offer evidence that Aricent’s communications software products will see strong adoption as equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers and service providers continue to build out their next-generation architectures."

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