Moto gets serious

Motorola is preparing a renewed assault on the content market, buoyed by its experiences in China and the US. The handset giant has arguably been less aggressive than rivals Sony Ericsson and Nokia in entertainment, but is now forging ahead with music, video and ‘connected home’ projects.

Chris White, Motos senior director of multimedia entertainment, said: “We need to do a lot more in content and that’s what you’ll be seeing from us. Up until now we¹ve launched products in local markets. Now we¹ll take those experiences to a wider audience.”

Specifically, Moto has the number one mobile music store in China – a 500,000 full-track and ringtone library generating up to 20,000 downloads a day from phones like the touchscreen Rokr E6 (pictured). In the US, the company works closely with Verizon Wireless and AT&T on their respective music offerings and MobiTV to hone its video technology.

 Moto’s Connected Home division is also forging closer ties with the mobile side of the business. Its CTO Ray Sokola, said: “Mobile media is all about time, place and device shifting. One of the things we¹re working on is streaming and transferring content from PVRs to phones.”

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