Motorola Launch New & Improved ROKR

This week has seen Motorola launch the ROKR E2 in Singapore, the newest member of the ROKR family of music-centered mobile handsets. Pitched as "the ultimate fusion of music and mobility, the
delivers unprecedented multimedia experience."

The official speil goes on "The sleek compact candy bar form and large brilliant color screen is perfect for viewing your adventures via picture or video capture & playback. Complete with instant access to the latest artists and songs, the ROKR E2 takes mobile music to the next level."

One of the first phones from Motorola to be based on a Linux operating system to enhance speed and flexibility, the ROKR E2 also features a robust MP3 player compatible with a variety of different audio formats.

Shane Da Silva, GM Mobile Devices Singapore said "With the ROKR E2, consumers can enjoy the freedom and convenience of carrying their favourite music with them all the time. Motorola is giving people a seamless, mobile music experience with a portfolio of devices like the new ROKR E2 leading the way."

Loading music onto the ROKR E2 is easy. Plugging the handset into a PC using a USB 2.0 cable allows for simple dragging and dropping of music files directly to the phone. With up to 2gig of removable storage the handset can store anything up to 500 tracks. That not enough music for you? The E2 also has a built-in radio.

With a brand-new form factor (no borrowed shells as with the E1) the E2 comes with dedicated mp3 player buttons on the side which allows easy navigation of playlists, play/pause, and skipping.

The new ROKR also has an ‘airplane mode’ which allows access to the non-phone functions, such as the mp3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera, and calendar, without being connected to a mobile network.

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