Motorola have released the updated version of the L7 with the L7e. Although it would appear at first that most of their time and effort has gone into choosing the model number, things have changed with the handset too. It’s now blue…

…and not just any blue… metallic blue.
Wait, there’s more.

The SLVR L7e has also had a camera upgrade to 1.3 megapixels. Although 1.3 isn’t going to make anyone throw away their digital camera anytime soon, it’s a huge improvement over the disappointing VGA affair that was in the original.

Menus have always been an issue when it comes to Motorolas, so this has had a face-lift and now resembles the same one used in the Moto KRZR, which although not perfect is better. The new Motorola L7e also benefits from extended data communication capabilities, meaning that now it supports EDGE with video streaming, as well as A2DP Bluetooth profile for listening to music on a stereo Bluetooth headset.

The new software also includes the Media Editor app, a picture manipulation tool. Users can rotate, sharpen or blur their images, or even add frames and background colors.

On the memory front, the L7e has quadruple the internal capacity than the original L7, a whole 20mb compared to the 5mb of the original.

Other features of the Motorola L7e are pretty much the same as those found in the first incarnation SLVR; quad-band GSM/GPRS support, microSD memory card slot, and a miniUSB slot.

The Motorola L7e should be available by the end of 2006.

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