Motorola V3i m

Motorola has had an iTunes version of the RAZR available in the States since November, where it’s sold as the V3i (no m). The V3i m (with an m) appears to be exactly the same product, but clad in a smart new burgundy-red livery.
So it’s a RAZR with the 1.23 megapixel camera with 8x zoom, Bluetooth and USB – and iTunes. We get a dedicated iTunes key and inside there’s 128MB internal memory with an (empty) microSD slot for up to 512MB more.
But the iTunes implementation is a bit iffy. For a start, it wouldn’t work at all on our Mac without a lot of tweaking (the PC interface was ok). The 100-song limit from the ROKR is repeated here – you can actually fit more than that on to the V3i, but the “updating music database” process goes on forever. There’s no way to save any options – not your choice of shuffle, not the last song you played, nothing. There’s no search function to hunt for a particular artist or track; you just have to scroll through the lot. And because it’s Java based, it soaks up battery life.

• Still looks great, but doesn’t hack it as a music phone

Length 98mm
Width 55mm
Depth 13.9mm
Main display   
TFT, 256K colours, 176×220 pixels, 35×44 mmWiFiExternal VGA display
1.3mp, 1280×1024 pixels, video
Bluetooth, USB
Standby 280h
Talk time 7h
Music player with iTunes
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