Motorola Wants Sagem as Handset Impregnates Woman

Following last week’s news that mobiles make men sterile, a woman gives birth after 13 years thanks to a mobile phone, and now Motorola are interested in buying out the company that made the handset – Sagem.

Karen Donelan has spent the past 13 years and over £20000 on IVF and alternative treatments such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine and reflexology trying to get pregnant, but none of it worked.

Last year Karen bought a Sagem MyC-3b on holiday in Andorra. One of the software applications bundled in was the Pink Schedule, a software programme to tell women when they are at their most fertile.

She entered all the necessary details including her period dates, and last October the handset went off telling her she should have sex.

She did, fell pregnant at the first attempt and nine months later gave birth to little Aaron. Karen was so happy she wrote a letter to Sagem in China thanking them for their piece of software.

Sagem have other things on their mind at the moment, following Motorola’s announcement it was interested in buying the Asian manufacturer.

Back in September Safran, owner of Sagem, indicated it was looking to sell the handset company after it continued making a loss. However, Safran shares went up 7% this week when Roland Garrique, head of Motorola’s mobile devices, said the American company was in the market.

"We have a serious interest in Sagem. It’s an option in a sector that is in the process of consolidating…I do not know yet if we will get it," Ronald Garriques told Le Figaro in an interview.


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