has been sprucing up the product portfolio with some much needed technology improvements. There’s no word on availability other than “later this year”, though.
• MOTOKRZR: 2mp camera, stereo Bluetooth audio, an updated phone directory and new messaging applications, microSD memory expansion. There’s a CDMA version which looks even better – boasts touch-sensitive music controls, advanced EVDO data services and location-based services capabilities.
• MOTORIZR: Motorola’s first GSM slider. Spec much as above, plus “programmed point-and-
shoot keys”.
• MOTORAZR xx: Baby brother of the maxx – no glass front, no touch-sensitive keys, only 1.3mp camera. But it does do 3G HSDPA, it has a second VGA camera for video calls, it offers “premium metal finishes and colours”, and it does look like the original RAZR.
• MOTORAZR maxx: “a futuristic blend of metal and glass”, VGA and 2mp cameras, touch-sensitive music keys on the outside and a microSD memory card slot.
HSDPA too.
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