MySpace Exclusive to Voda, the world’s leading lifestyle portal, and Vodafone announced today an exclusive partnership to offer Vodafone customers a MySpace experience via their mobile phones.

Launching first in the UK, the partnership will enable millions of Vodafone customers to access MySpace Mobile, allowing them to edit their own MySpace profiles, find and add friends, post photos and blogs and send and receive MySpace messages while on the move.

MySpace Mobile will be pre-loaded on future, selected Vodafone handsets to offer customers an ‘out of the box’ experience, and available for download from Vodafone live!.
"This partnership brings together the world’s number one lifestyle portal and the world’s leading mobile operator," said Colin Digiaro, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, International, MySpace.  "Millions of people use MySpace as their primary means of communicating with family and friends, so it’s vital we make this available on the move.  Whether it’s adding new friends, sending messages, or uploading photos, the ability to access MySpace functionality from your mobile adds a new dimension to the experience."

"Today’s announcement is a great example of Vodafone empowering its customers with new, internet-based services on their Vodafone live!  handsets, helping people make the most of their time," said Frank H. Rövekamp, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone. "Teaming up with the world’s leading online community means that people can take the MySpace experience anywhere and enjoy it anytime."

MySpace Mobile on Vodafone provides the most compelling MySpace features and functionality, translated for a rich, easy-to-use experience on a mobile. It also enables people to keep in touch via mobile with their MySpace friends on the web. The features include:
Upload and View Photos:  Select photos stored on the mobile and upload them to a MySpace profile, as well as view photos already uploaded on any MySpace profile.

Respond to Mail: Send messages to MySpace friends and read and reply to messages from a mobile or PC.

Manage Your Community of Friends: View and manage friend requests and perform basic friend searches.

Post Comments or Blog Entries: Update and comment on blogs throughout the day while on the move.

View Friends: View the friend list of any MySpace profile.

View Groups: View the group list of any MySpace profile.

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