Navman has launched four new devices

all pocket or in-car GPS units – along with what it calls a revolutionary new service, and one that is genuinely impressive.
The new Navmen all get the latest SiRF GPS chipsets along with other tweaks. 
The iCN330 is basically a 320 with full moving maps, a neat progress bar that rises up the left of the display as you approach the target, and exchangeable fascias.

The iCN530 has the same great 3.5in touchscreen as the previous 5 series units, though the interface has been spruced up and the buttons rethought.

And at the top end are the iCN720 and the iCN750, basically similar – big 480×272 pixel widescreen displays, sensible buttons and a good user interface. The iCN720 has region-specific maps only, the iCN750 gets the full 18-country set stored on an internal 4Gb hard drive.

Both have a 1.3 megapixel camera on board, and that’s used with Navman’s new NavPix service. Take a pic and you have a geo-referenced photo which can identify the location exactly. You can also automatically navigate to back to that exact location. Very cool.

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