Navtec links with Lonely Planet

Navman has teamed up with Lonely Planet to create what it’s calling “the ultimate travel guide”. The Navman iCN700 will guide the user to their destination, Lonely Planet will tell them what to expect when they arrive.

Navman has created thousands of NavPix snapshots of various tourist attractions – hotels, shops, restaurants, and more – across 19 major cities including London, Paris, Milan and Madrid. NavPix combines a picture with its exact geographical coordinates. All NavPix photos can be downloaded free on to a Navman device from the Navman Web site; they include up to 100 words of information provided by Lonely Planet.

The two parties seem very keen on the deal. Prash Vadgama, president of
the Consumer Navigation Group at Navman, called working with Lonely
Planet “an exciting journey”. And “this development in satellite navigation offers a huge step forward for travellers across Europe,” according to Nathan Clapton, Business Development Director at Lonely Planet.

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