Networks blamed for phone faults

New research conducted by Tickbox on behalf of Sicap, a provider of mobile device management, reveals that one in four high-spend consumers in the age range 16-34 would change operators because their handset is faulty – despite saying handset manufacturers are equally to blame when services don’t work.

The survey of 1,859 British mobile phone users revealed that operators are also under pressure to not only deliver compelling services that work, but to make them straightforward: when it comes to using advanced services, the vast majority of all users (80%) rate ease of use more important than the service working first time, indicating that many people find advanced services too complex to use and access.

This is compounded by the fact that over half (54%) of 16-34 year olds have experienced problems with advanced mobile services such as internet browsing and photo or video messaging, and 43% of users of all ages. However, operators can be reassured that many of these issues can be centrally resolved by implementing a mobile device management solution – such as Sicap’s offering.

“It is clear from our research that in order to reap the most benefit, essentially reduced churn and increased revenue, operators need to ensure that services work for everyone and are as easy to use as possible. They need to remove any obstacles,” commented Per-Johan Lundin, marketing director at Sicap.

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