No Smexting Please We’re British

It would seem someone let one of the Orange PR monkeys out unsupervised and let them invent new words to include in press releases. "Smexting" is Sending a text message while you are smoking.
In the two weeks following the smoking ban, texting across Orange’s network of 17 million mobile phone users shot up by 7.5million texts, leading Orange to dub the trend ‘smexting’.

The sharp increase has been attributed to smokers keeping themselves occupied as they’re forced outdoors and away from their mates. Many are also turning to their phones as a distraction and a way to avoid temptation.

Nick Bonney, Director of Market Insight, commented; “We see smexting as a halfway house for ostracized smokers – they can enjoy a cigarette and stay in touch with their mates at the same time. Many people are also texting friends for support as they try to give up.”

It would seem not much is happening at Orange then.

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