NOKIA 5500 Sport ME

It doesn’t look much, but the Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition combines a modern Symbian smartphone spec with a dust- and damp- resistant body, nice touchpad controls,… 
numerous functions to log your exercise and help enhance your physical condition, software that automatically copies measured values to a PC, a text-to-speech reader for incoming texts (so you don’t have to break off from exercise), and now a 512MB memory card bundled in the pack plus a gismo that lets you strap the handset to your person.

It’s not perfect – the keys are too stiff, the battery cover is difficult to remove – and there’s nothing really too clever about the data collection bit: it all works through a general motion sensor, which is suitable only for approximate measures. The seriously sporty will get a lot more from one of the widely-available purpose-designed exercise gadgets. Still, it’s a neat idea for the average gym-goer. It is a fully-fledged smartphone (Symbian Series 60). And now you get a reasonable music player with a decent lump of storage.

• A product for a niche market, but nicely implemented.


Length 107mm
Width 45mm
Depth 18mm
Main display
TFT, 256K colours, 208×208 pixels, 31x31mm
2MP, QCIF video
Triband GSM, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, IR
Standby 270h
Talk time 4h
Music player, fitness apps, text to speech, 64MB memory, 512MB microSD card 
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