NOKIA 6280

Look and feel:    
A bit of a brick. Not the most elegant of Nokia’s designs. Quite heavy, quite tubby, quite a few hard edges. It sits easily in the hand, though. 6/10.

Basic function/navigation controls arranged neatly on front, buttons around the edge for on/off (awkward to use) and push-to-talk (dedicated, cannot be assigned to another function), USB pop-port connector and microSD card slot. Small video camera lens on front, main camera on rear. 7/10.

Comfortable, well organised keypad, back-lit in white which fades towards the bottom line of keys. 8/10.

One of Nokia’s best, very crisp and bright. But backlighting dies after a few seconds, with no option for changing duration. 7/10.

Only 10MB on board (about 6MB for the user) but it ships with another 64MB on a microSD card – and that is hot-swappable, so cards can be replaced without turning off the phone. 7/10.

A decent 2mp still camera, though with very few setup options and pics that don’t seem as good as on other 2mp cameraphones. Video is excellent, though, thanks to unusually high resolution (640×480 pixels). 8/10

Music player, stereo FM Visual Radio (not RDS); stereo sound (and stereo headset included). Good onboard games. Novel extra: video ringtones. 7/10.

Usual mix, with standard email and web browser options. Nokia PC Suite for PC synchronisation and file transfer. 7/10.

In use:
Very good signal-finding, and calls are commendably clear. Series 40 user interface is a fine piece of work. 8/10.

Push to Talk (not on 3’s version) 7/10.

We like:    

  • Call performance – good reception, good sound
  • Good keyboard, excellent display
  • Video resolution

We don’t like:    

  • Relatively poor battery life
  • Bulk
  • Uncharacteristically iffy build quality

Looks a solid 3G performer with bags of functionality, let down by unreliability in early models but now apparently sorted. 72%.


  • Size    Length 100mm
  • Width 46mm
  • Depth 21mm
  • Weight    115g
  • Main display    TFT, 35x45mm 240×320 pixels 262K colours
  • Camera    2mp, 1600×1200 pixels, video; secondary VGA video call camera
  • Connectivity    3G, tri-band GSM, EDGE, Bluetooth, USB 2.0
  • Memory    10MB plus 64MB on microSD
  • Battery    Standby 250 hours Talk time 4 hours
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