Nokia 7373

The 7373 is an upgraded 7370 from Nokia’s L’Amour line, which means the decorative styling is impressive – elaborate swirly patterns, embossed. 
The physical characteristics aren’t bad, too; it’s a swiveller that opens to the left or the right (perfect for one-handed operation).
The 7373 retains the excellent screen from its predecessor – big, bright and clear – but gets a higher-resolution camera (2mp) with video recording. There’s a MicroSD memory slot too, and the phone ships with a 128MB card in the box. The music player is ok, which playlists and equaliser presets, but the built-in stereo speakers aren’t great. The headphones are ok, but there is no 3.5mm jack for your own headset; you can pair with stereo Bluetooth phones, though. There’s built in FM radio.
Downsides? The camera can be used with the phone closed, but everything else requires you to flip open the keypad. There’s USB, but only via Nokia’s proprietary PopPort connector (and there’s no cable in the box). The 7370 is quite compact when closed, though a bit thick and maybe a tad heavier than you’d expect.
• A classic fashion phone with a decent spec000000.



Length 88mm
Width 43mm
Depth 23mm
Main display
TFT, 256K colours, 240×320 pixels, 30x40mm
2MP, CIF video
Triband GSM, Bluetooth 2.0, USB
Standby 250h
Talk time 2h30
Music player, microSD card slot (128MB included), carrying pouch and ornaments
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