NOKIA 7380

The 7380 is a stylish but odd-looking candybar phone, part of Nokia’s L’Amour collection (The Don looked at the 7370 last month) and very definitely one for the ladies.
And the looks are backed up with solid construction. The phone is very small and light, made of high-quality plastics. The SIM card slot is located on one side, which is unusual; on the other side is the Nokia logo that looks like just like the logos on T-shirts.

There is no keypad. Instead you get a scroll wheel, so letters, numbers and signs are selected from a context menu on the display. This will surely put off SMS enthusiasts (and many women come into that category) – it’s difficult and slow to write a text message.
Nokia 7380 has a 2mp camera, the first Nokia outside its smartphone line to have such a camera. The 52MB internal memory does not allow the phone to be used as an MP3 player, although stereo earphones are included in the package.
There are no games on the Nokia 7380 and due to the lack of Java support, no games can be downloaded either.
• An excellent phone for women looks-wise but it falls down on specification. And texting is well nigh impossible.

Length 114mm
Width 30mm
Depth 20mm
Main display
TFT, 65K colours 104×208 pixels mirror surface
2mp, video
Bluetooth, USB
Standby 240h
Talk time 3h
Stereo FM radio
music player

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