Nokia 770 Internet Tablet (With Navicore)

*Navigate on the road and around the internet*
UD Price: from £260

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet fits your life whatever you’re doing – where ever you are. 

Chat using either instant messaging or internet calling, browse your favourite sites, catch up on your email and navigate your way on the road with the installed award winning navigation – Navicore.

Navicore guides you to your destination using 2D or 3D maps which are displayed on the touchscreen display.  Voice instructions guide you intelligently using quick route updates to ensure you get there in the quickest time possible.  And with advanced power saving technology you can keep on driving without the worry of your battery going flat. 

Other   great features include the option to find more information about thousands of points of interest on your travels, you can locate the closet Wi-Fi, download traffic camera locations and get up-to-date traffic information. If you have broadband access over Wi-Fi connection the Nokia   770 gives you instant wireless access to the Web.   You can also stream files, tune into internet radio, newsreader or play your favourite videos and music.

Easy to use and easy on the eyes the Internet Tablet comes in a brushed metal portable design with an ultra sharp widescreen display that’s specifically designed for viewing online content.

The Nokia 770 is the perfect tool to navigate the mobile world 
Tablet Features
• Portable Internet communications on   a pocket-size tablet
• Web browse on an impressive high-resolution   65k colour screen
• Easy access over Wi-Fi or compatible   mobile phone
• Web browser (Opera 8) with Flash player
• Internet calling
• Instant Messaging
• Email client
• RSS Feed reader
• Internet radio
• Application manager and File manager
• Full on-screen finger keyboard
• Handwriting recognition
• Display functions: full-screen and panning functionality
• Memory: RAM 64MB, Flash 128MB
• Bluetooth 1.2
• 3.5mm stereo audio out
• USB 2.0 device mode for PC connectivity

Navicore Features
• Choice of 2D or 3D map modes
• Voice guidance
• Quick route updates
• Advanced power saving
• Points of interest
• Wi-Fi locator
• Download speed camera locations
• Get up to date traffic information

What’s in the Box
• GPS modules
• 1GB Memory card
• Car holder
• Car charger
• Two stylus input pens
• Battery (BP-5L)
• Travel Charger (AC-4)
• USB Connectivity Cable (DKE-2)
• Pouch
• Headphones (HS-61)
• Desk Stand (DT-7)
• User & Quick Start Guide

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