NOKIA 8800 Sirocco

So what’s different with the Mk2 8800? Well, the Sirocco is fractionally thicker and a couple of grams heavier.

Memory has doubled to 128MB, Bluetooth has been updated to v2.0, and there’s a slightly better battery – standby time is still pretty poor, though, and the claimed talk time has actually gone down.

The phone comes in an expensively designed black box whose top is held by an engraved silver clip; inside is a heap of high-class accessories – leather case, an earphone, a Bluetooth handsfree, cleaning cloth, and two batteries. Two batteries? Not exactly a vote of confidence. And that cleaning cloth is essential; the luxurious polished steel case and the scratchproof sapphire glass cover for the display both attract fingerprints, which won’t do anything for your image.

Real disadvantages include the lack of a memory card slot, the outdated Class 8 GPRS and EDGE, the risible battery life, an uncomfortable keyboard and navigation, indifferent phone performance, and of course the high price. But for the target market, none of that will matter.

• Clearly been designed for people who care more about looks than functionality.


Length 107 mm
Width 45mm
Depth 17.5mm
Main display
TFT, 256K colours, 208×208 pixels, 31x31mm
2MP, QCIF video
Triband GSM, EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, USB, IR
Standby 240h
Talk time 2h45
Music player, FM radio, 128MB internal memory, stainless steel covers
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