Nokia CK-20 Multimedia Car Kit

UD Price: from £90
This eagerly anticipated car kit is probably the most comprehensive and feature rich to be introduced.
Building on the success of the CK-7W Bluetooth car kit the Nokia CK-20 additionally allows for music files stored in your mobile phone to be played over the car radio loudspeakers, with basic music control handling via the navi-wheel. There is also a separate socket to connect a dedicated mobile music player via 3.5mm jack. With the benefit of Bluetooth (A2DP) full stereo sound is assured when pairing with compatible players.  The car kit also supports first class navigation with the yet to be released Nokia Navigation Pack – the LD-2 (available separately). Due to the multiple features of the Nokia CK-20 it requires professional installation so if this is your area of competence, place your orders now to meet the expected high demand and start to study the installation manual.
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