The E70 also runs on Symbian 9.1, but with the 3rd edition of the well-established Series 60 user interface.
It’s packed with functions – WiFi, 3G, 2mp camera, excellent videos (with smooth digital zoom), Blackberry connectivity, good battery performance. Feature-wise it’s like an E60 with a camera and more memory (it has 75MB shared memory and there’s a 64MB hot-swappable memory card included).
When closed, the phone is rather bulky and doesn’t look good at all – a bit cheap, more like a dummy or toy than a great smartphone. But the build quality is good; even though the E70 is made of plastic, it doesn’t creak or feel cheap (probably because of its weight). And the magic begins when the phone is opened. The keypad swivels over the screen to reveal a fully functional QWERTY keyboard with the screen in the middle. You’ll need both hands to operate it, of course, but the phone allows you to use its features very easily.
The E70 is a real business phone, with great office features. For Word, Excel and PowerPoint you can zoom in and out the file, jump to another page, edit the content, and create new files. There’s also a useful PDF reader and a zip archive application, serious tools for email users.
• Ugly, bulky, unconventional – and a great business phone.
Length 117mm
Width 53mm
Depth 22mm
Main display   
TFT, 16M colours, 352×416 pixels, 35×41 mm
2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels, video
3G, triband GSM, WiFi, USB, IR, Bluetooth
Standby 220h Talk time 7.3h
Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd edition, QWERTY keyboard, hot-swap miniSD card (64MB included)
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