Nokia Has Wind

Nokia have launched an upgraded version of the 8800 luxury handset, the 8800 Sirocco Edition, which draws its name from "the powerful desert-born wind that originates in the Sahara when a warm, dry air mass collides with the cooler, maritime air of the Mediterrean." It may sound like a lot of hot air, but this is one sexy phone.

The new 8800 SE boasts an upgraded 2 mega pixel camera, an extended battery life (8 days standby, 3 hours talk-time), a 208×208 pixel 262k colour display, and 64mb of internal memory. The phone also benefits from a facelift, from the redesigned facia to an improved keyboard for easier navigation.

Nokia are also gassing about it’s unique sound "a composition from nature caused by two air masses colliding. With nature as his inspiration, Brian Eno, the world renowned music composer and ambient music innovator, has created a unique ‘sonic texture’ that is organic, calm and highly evolved"

The 8800 SE will be available this month, and comes with a complementary bluetooth headset, which is also made from stainless-steel.

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