Nokia N800

UD Price: From £202.00

Designed to stay online so you can enjoy the benefits of the internet, whether you’re at home or out and about.  Browse your favourite sites, stay in touch, check your email or relax with your favourite songs and videos on this contemporary looking silver device.

The Nokia N800 is the only device you will need whether at work or play.  The widescreen is touch-sensitive and has handwriting recognition technology to make sending instant messages quick and easy.  With a speedy processor and 128MB of internal memory (as well as a memory card in box) you can fill up with all your favourite songs and movies and crank them up whenever you feel like it.  On top of all that it contains an innovative mini web cam for video conferencing, while a Skype VoIP application for the device will be available soon.  The Nokia N800 takes the internet to new places!
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