nokia N91

The N91 has finally been launched. And it is full of high-tech
functions like 3G, WiFi; an amazing 4GB of memory space; USB; a standard 3.5mm earphone jack (no need for any converter). Listening to music is a real pleasure and the time organising functions are superb.

Yet it does have flaws. There are a couple of glitches in the build construction – the manual keylock switch was loosening after a few days use, for instance, and the single speaker (while among the best on the market) is too quiet. The keypad cover design is not very successful and the keypad consists of extremely small keys considering the body size of the phone.
The N91 doesn’t have the good high-resolution (352×416 pixels) display of the N90 and N80. Instead the screen is 176×208 pixels, and lower contrast levels means SMS texting in direct daylight is quite difficult. Images on the 3250 model look significantly better, although the display is the same size.
Why is the voice recorder limited to just one minute? Why no second camera for video calls? Why no memory card slot? Why use a hard disk instead of a flash drive? Just what were Nokia designers doing for all those long months of postponement?
• Missed opportunity



Length 113.1mm
Width 55.2mm
Depth 22mm
Main display   
TFT, 256K colours
176×208 pixels 35x41mm
2mp, 1600×1200 pixels, video
3G, triband GSM, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, WiFi
Standby 190h
Talk time 4h
4Gb microdrive,
Music player
Symbian OS v9.1 Series 60 UI 

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