Nokia Takes 40% Share

Apple’s iPhone may well have been in the news more than any other handset last year, but sales were miniscule when compared to other manufacturers especially Nokia.
In a report by Strategy Abalytics 332 million phones were shipped in Q4 last year of which Apple sold 2.3 million iPhones across the globe, only 10% of the 23.7m units sold by fifth place LG over the same period. In fourth place was Sony Ericsson with 30.8m, Motorola down to third with 40.9m and Samsung in second place with 46.4 million mobiles. Topping the lot was Nokia having sold a massive 133.5 million mobile phones.

The huge amount of handsets from Nokia gives the Finns 40.2% market share the most its ever had, leaving Samsung with 12%, Moto with 12.3%, Sony E with 9.3% and LG 7.1%.

For all its noise Apple’s share was only 0.6% leaving them with a lot of work to do to start worrying the big boys.

The gulf between second and third is growing. Samsung’s year-on-year shipments jumped 41% with Motorola’s falling 38% leaving some to predict that Motorola may soon leave the traditional handset game altogether to focus more on Smartphones, their only area of growth.

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