Nokia updates Intellisync

Nokia has announced Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0, describing it as “the industry’s most comprehensive platform for business mobility.

Mobile Suite 8.0 combines wireless email, file synchronisation and application synchronisation, with the robust security, asset collection and reporting of fully integrated device management.

Intellisync is an effective competitor to BlackBerry and mobilised Exchange Server system, with the added bonus that it isn’t restricted to a particular make or handset or OS. As Nokia pointed out in the press conference, 80% of business mobile costs go on support; Intellisync aims to make support simpler and so cheaper, with flexible deployment options.

The Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0 base server includes entry level wireless email as part of the offering, enabling a business to cost effectively extend email throughout the organization. The base client offers the ability to compose, read and delete email and manage local folders, in addition to robust security. It doesn’t however include calendar or contact list access, nor can it handle email attachments.

The base system is available for an unlimited number of users and has a one-time fee of $2,999.

The professional client extends beyond the base version to include full personal information management (PIM) synchronization, full attachment handling, global address list support and more. The professional version has a one-time fee of $129 per user and includes unlimited email access, as well as calendar and contact syncing.

Nokia says it has responded to customer feedback by delivering “an uncompromised approach to both flexibility and support for today’s business demands”. There’s an increased array of deployment options – behind the firewall, hosted or white-label – with a wider choice of supported devices and platforms from virtually every vendor.

A two-tier licensing model plus support for Java-based J2ME phones such as Nokia’s Series40 handsets lowers the cost barrier associated with widespread mobility.

Said Scott Cooper, Nokia’s VP Mobility Solutions, Enterprise Solutions: “We are bringing to market mobileware that is uncompromised – on capability, price, design, platform, and on user experience. We are delivering a mobility platform with a strong combination of advanced technology, robust security, scalability and ease of use – topics that make sense for the mobile workforce, the IT manager, business decision-makers, and operators alike.

“The business requirement for mobility varies widely from one company to another, often varying within the same organization,” Scott Cooper continued. “Mobilizing business is not just about devices or networks or particular applications – rather, it requires an entire flexible ecosystem that we believe will be implemented in a phased approach. Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is developed with this in mind and we are positive that with the right mobile strategy and our mobileware, companies will drive new revenues, enable new business processes and gain strategic and competitive advantage.”

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