Nokia’s Sleek 8800, Wins Red Dot: Best of the Best Award

Nokia’s 8800 mobile phone has won the “best of the best” prize at the red dot design awards, the world’s largest design competition.  The 8800 beat off all competition to become the only mobile phone to receive this renowned design quality award. 
The Nokia 8800 was singled out for its innovative, high quality design as well as for its smooth deskstand.  It is the first mobile phone to use stainless steel and mineral glass in its sleekly sculpted body. Its features include a screen using more than 260,000 different colours to give striking clarity, and ringtones created by Ryuichi Sakamoto one of the world’s leading composers.  

Dr. Peter Zec, President of Icsid and initiator of the red dot design award said, “Only products with outstanding design qualities are rewarded with a red dot best of the best award. With its innovative use of precious material, combined with extraordinary high quality usability and features, the Nokia 8800 really does represent design excellence.”

Todd Wood, Director of Insight & Innovation from Nokia said, “On behalf of the team of designers and engineers who worked to create this groundbreaking design I am delighted to accept this award. They created a truly stunning design offering luxurious style and the highest quality features. Its appeal is reflected in its growing popularity with well over one million sold to date, and the North American version is about to hit stores in the U.S.”   
Out of 2,068 products submitted to the product design 2006 awards, only 36 received the coveted best of the best award for the best design in their category. In addition, 485 products were given the “red dot” seal of quality design and among the winners was the Nokia N90 that’s renowned for adding a twist to the classic clamshell.

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