Not enough backup

70% of UK consumers have no backup data stored for their mobile phones, says a research report from mobile device management provider Sicap.
Of those that do have backup, a whopping 42% are simply writing down phone numbers on paper.

The survey of 1,859 British mobile phone users, conducted by Tickbox for Sicap, indicates that even the generally ‘tech-savvy’ 16-24 age group do little to look after their data – only 38% making a backup of some kind.

The research also suggests that consumers seem to be confused about how to best manage information stored on their phones. One in five people find it difficult to transfer data from one handset to another, with a further one in five of the operators’ core 16-34 age group postponing handset upgrades because of the perceived hassle of transferring data, such as contacts and downloads.

Surprisingly, nearly half (46%) of the 16-34 group only change their phone more frequently than every two years, meaning that they are potentially missing out on new phones and access to new mobile services which they are entitled to.

The research also indicates that one in four (25%) high-spend consumers (aged 16-34) would change operators because their handset is faulty, despite respondents saying operators (58%) and handset manufacturers (53%) are equally to blame when services don’t work.

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