NTL’s Quad-Play – A UK First

This morning saw NTL:Telewest announce details of its new Quad-Play service; TV, Broadband, Mobile, and Fixed line in one package, the first company in the country.

With NTL:Telewest already offering TV, BB, and phoneline, the acquisition of Virgin Mobile last month meant an obvious step to adding mobiles to the protfolio and releasing a total package, beating Vodafone hands down, who are still in talks with possible lease partners. O2 are also rumoured to be aiming for a convergence package, and Orange will be releasing a Fixed-Mobile Convergence solution in November.

The NTL deal moves on from the ‘3 for £30’ to ‘4 for £40’ which includes 2mb broadband, and free weekend calls to UK landlines. Customers will receive a Virgin Mobile sim-card loaded with 300 text messages and 300 minutes. Let’s not forget the 30 channel digital TV service (what would people talk about otherwise?). Unfortunately, this will not all be available under one bill yet.

NTL CEO Steve Burch said: "Our intention is to provide consumers with genuine flexibility and choice, at knock-out value: unlike our competitors, whose offers are focused on driving take-up of a particular service, we’re going to let the consumer decide what combination of products they want."

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