O2 Change iPhone Tariffs

Less than three months after O2 released the iPhone to the UK amidst criticism of the costs, the network has played around with tariffs to make them simpler.
Come february first iPhone owners will get a hugely better deal. Users on the £35 a month tariff will now receive three times as many minutes; 600 a month and 500 texts, compared to the 200 available on the original package.

The £45 tariff will be the same as the current £55 tariff, giving iPhone users a massive 1200 minutes and 500 messages. Users on the the £55 deal will be dropped down to the cheaper option.

The £55 option is replaced with a £75 tariff featuring the same number of texts and 3000 minutes.

The changes come following reports that the iPhone has not been performing as well as expected.

O2’s spokesman, Steve Alder, said that the changes were merely an adjustment, and that they did not signal anything about overall iPhone sales. "These things take time to organise. This is not a reaction to anything we’re concerned about," he said. "We’re very happy with the kind of customers, and the number of customers that we’re getting."

O2 have also announced they’ll be offering the iPhone on selected business tariffs by the end of the year in a move mirroring AT&T’s announcement last week.
O2 said that they wanted "to offer it as a service for business users looking to use the smartphone in their office".
"The iPhone is currently only available on consumer eighteen-month contracts and not yet on business tariffs and contracts. Business customers can still buy an iPhone but they will need to take out a new 18-month consumer contract on an iPhone tariff"
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