O2 Credit for Not Upgrading

As part of the ‘We’re in this together’ campaign O2 have announced the launch of O2 Energy Saver options. One such option is an offer of £95 credit if customers don’t upgrade.
The first O2 Energy Saver option will save the energy used to manufacture and distribute a new phone by giving their customer base of 18 million a choice as to whether they should replace their mobile device at the end of their contract.

O2’s customers who decide not to replace their phone will be offered a choice of either £100 credit, or £95 credit and a £5 donation to the O2 Energy Saver fund. O2 will match every donation, bringing the total donation for each phone not replaced to a total of £10.

The money raised through the O2 Energy Saver options will be used by O2 and the Energy Saving Trust to create the O2 Energy Saver fund that will help to turn communities green by ensuring they use less energy, pollute less, create less waste and have a reduced contribution to climate change.

Matthew Key, Chief Executive O2 UK, said "Mobiles have changed the way we live and people will always want new phones and the benefits they bring. However, there is an environmental impact from the production of each new phone. With 70 million active mobiles in the UK the collective carbon savings to be gained by keeping handsets longer is simply massive. We therefore want to give customers a choice and an incentive to keep their existing phone and make a difference.

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