O2 Getting iPhone?

Despite refusal to officially confirm O2’s exclusivity deal with Apple to sell the iPhone in the UK, Peter Erskine expects the wonder-phone to maintain the network’s momentum in the market.
O2 has refused to confirm that it has won the exclusive right to sell Apple’s music-oriented handset in the UK, despite internet geeks finding proof in the HTML source code on the Carphone’s website.

However, O2 chief executive, Peter Erskine has said he expects sales of the iPhone to maintain the network’s current growth.

Peter Erskine, chief executive of O2, said: "We’re excited about this product and we certainly hope to be marketing it later in the year when it launches."

O2 is the biggest network in the UK after growing sales by 10% in the last three months. The network has also increased margins by shifting more of its pay as you go customers onto monthly contracts.

Erskine also revealed that O2’s broadband offering has been delayed yet again, with a new target of October.

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